Oracle-MICROS Workstation 6ws6

The Oracle-MICROS Workstation 6 features the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro operating system, which highlights the clean, modern style of Windows 8 applications.  Its all-in-one design includes a full, high-definition, wide-screen LCD with multitouch performance.  Oracle-MICROS Workstation 6 can be mounted on its companion stand, which provides full adjustability, superior cable management, and accommodation for peripherals and accessories.  Alternatively, its slim elegant design makes the Oracle-MICROS Workstation 6 ideal for wall mounting, providing a discreet, attractive workstation appearance in any environment.  


Oracle-MICROS Workstation 5A 51

Specifically designed for the hospitality and retail industries, the Workstation 5A combines innovative technology and peripheral connectivity with superior usability and modular options for use in a wide range of applications.  The WS5A terminal is dependable, easy to install and use, spill resistant, and operational in a wide range of temperatures, providing customers with a ruggedized and reliable POS hardware solution.  The WS5A provides a compact, all-in-one design with a small footprint and multiple options for mounting or placement, leaving premium space available for other business uses.  With many advanced features, the WS5A helps your business run smoothly and efficiently.    Click here for more info.


Oracle-MICROS PCWS 2015 pcws2015

The Oracle-MICROS PCWS 2015 sets a new standard for performance and configurability for Point of Sale terminals. Based on the latest Intel processor platform, the Oracle-MICROS PCWS 2015 is unmatched in today’s marketplace, providing unsurpassed processing power for the most demanding applications, and delivering that power efficiently, with low thermal output and electrical consumption. The Oracle-MICROS PCWS 2015 is designed to operate side by side with the Oracle-MICROS Workstation 5A, retaining similar styling and compatibility with existing stands, customer displays, magnetic card readers, biometric devices and other peripherals. Like the all Oracle-MICROS hardware devices, the PCWS 2015 was designed to meet all requirements for hospitality and retail point of sale. To meet these requirements, the  PCWS 2015 is easy to install, reliable, unobtrusive, and adaptable.  Click here for more info.


Oracle-MICROS E-Series Tablet   etablet 

Oracle-MICROS E-Series Tablet is an ultra-modern, tablet-based mobile solution that blends a rich user experience, enterprise-grade hospitality software, and lower-cost devices with extended battery life.  Developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Intel, Oracle-MICROS E-Series Tablet with the new Engagement feature provides a new set of visually stimulating app experiences and advanced capabilities that significantly raise the bar for modern point-of-sale systems.  With it, you can increase efficiency and productivity, enhance operations and control costs.



Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor concessions and quick-service settings, the Oracel-MICROS Keyboard Workstation 270 can face any environment where exposure to liquids, bright sunlight, and extremes in temperatures are common.  It can also be equipped with a rechargeable battery and combined with mounting points for portable printers and integrated wireless connectivity to allow for remote locations on movable carts or temporary stands.  Capable of functioning in a wide range of operating temperatures and featuring 90 fully programmable keys, a 5.7 inch color QVGA display, a robust keyboard, a spill-resistant case, an integrated magnetic card reader, a transflective customer display, and an optional wireless networking card, the KW270 terminal is the perfect anytime, anywhere POS solution.  Click here for more info.


Kitchen Display Systems ktchen

The MICROS Kitchen Display System is like having a second expeditor in your kitchen.  It provides highly visible, real-time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction.  Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this seamlessly integrated, intuitive, graphical software application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your “Speed of Service.”  MICROS KDS also provides feedback about the status of each table and captures service times for management reporting.

Click here for more info.


Servers and Networking Equipment hp-logo

Through a strategic alliance with Hewlett Packard, MICROS offers a full line of servers, printers, and networking equipment to support the processing and communications infrastructure required to run our applications. As a certified HP Reseller, MICROS is able to cost competitively deliver a complete, highly reliable, and well supported data processing infrastructure for customers of all sizes.


Point-of-Sale Hardware Solutions  pos

To complete any point-of-sale implementation, MICROS offers a line of point-of-sale peripherals including printers, cash drawers, customer displays, barcode scanners, scales, and more. All of the peripheral products we sell are selected and tested to work with our point-of-sale workstations and application software.


Paper & Ribbon Supplies papersupplies

Quality Supplies Tip: When “shopping around” for paper rolls, check the footage and the lint factor. Don’t get shorted — and don’t buy “fuzzy” paper that will jam your printers!

Paper & Ribbons: We carry a complete line of paper rolls for most cash registers, credit-card terminals and point-of-sale systems. We only sell quality paper rolls.

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